The Princess Bed

In order to keep myself motivated on the whole Princess Bed DIY prject I thought I would keep a log of the project on the blog. So far, I have found some paper to start my plan on. I just have to find a pencil now…


Small steps and all that.

Bank Holiday Project

Most people in the UK were enjoying the Spring Bank holiday at at the weekend, but oh no not I. Despite the fact that I have spent the last few days posting ways to keep the children entertained, the better half seems to think that I need to keep myself entertained during the Summer holidays as well, even though I will no doubt have my hands full entertaining the kids. Our oldest daughter who is 7 years old and thinks she is an actual princess wants a new bed, but money is tight at the moment. We have money saved up for this kind of thing, but the price of children’s beds are rediculous and to be honest they aren’t very exciting. So my task is to plan the ultimate princess bed over the coming months and then build it during the Summer holidays. Apparently I get bonus points if I can some way involve the kids as well. Even more points if all children keep all limbs and fingers. Anyway I found this on Ikea Hackers so I think I’m going to plan something similar:

princess bed